What program type for a series of races?

I’m training for a series of 12 weekly races. What program type should I choose? Continuous improvement or a specific target event date? And in case of the latter: what date should I choose? Any insights or suggestions? Thanks!

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@xertedbrain maybe?

I have no idea.

Is one of the races a higher priority than the others? If not I’d think that you’d want to peak sometime between race 4-6 and then hold it for as long as you could. Using the adaptive training advisor, you could monitor fatigue and try to keep fresh. Again, mostly guessing here and posting to bump post and see what experts may say. :slight_smile:

Hi @Marino82 ,

Great question. As @bfrostie mentioned, it does matter a little on whether or not you have a ‘peak’ event, or if you plan to “train through” each event.

Without any further details, my first thought would be to use the ‘Continuous’ program, and ensure that you arrive at each weekly race with a fresh status. So many one HIIT per week (plus your race) with the rest being relatively easy endurance rides. Hope that provides at least a little help! Cheers!

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Thanks both @bfrostie and @ManofSteele for the reply. It’s a CX series with points to be earned for every race, so no real peak event. So I too was thinking about using the continuous program to enure freshness, but it lacks the build and the base phase. So I think I’ll use target event date to train towards the first couple of races, and then change to ‘continuous’ to make sure I’m fresh before every race. Does that make sense?

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It does and that is how I would handle a series of races. Holding a “peak” for 3 months will be hard and/or impossible. That is why I was suggesting to “peak” several weeks into the series. My thought behind that was to be at “peak” fitness for the most races. Just my unprofessional thoughts :slight_smile: