What kinds of workouts improve HIE?

otherwise known as FRC workouts in wko5… I am wondering how to design workouts in the workout builder that improve HIE?

I believe that all out short efforts from 30s up to 5 minutes are thought to be good for that?
in xert workout builder… what sort of XSSR is correct for simply saying “go all out”? Or is target MPA the best way to say go all out?

and if i wanted to do an evil 30"/30" on/off workout… how should that look in workout builder? target MPA again? or is it better to prescribe XSSR?

decided my best bet was to experiment. I designed my 30/30 workout using XSSR, i tried a variety of XSSR from 400 to 550… overall i tried to have the highest xssr that would fit inside my target duration of 12.5’ TIZ such that my difficulty score would be 4 diamonds which is close to my current 4 star training load…
I found that I could not get to the target difficulty score (101 when my target was 131) but at least I know it was maximal.

Ahh, found one of the scientists among us! :wink:

Yes, typically HIE will benefit from activities where you can generate a large amount of HIGH strain. In the workout designer, you can view the amount of HIGH strain that you’ll accumulate from a workout. Like you discovered, try experimenting with something like Ronnestads (30s ON with 15s OFF) using our XSSR intervals (200+ XSSR, depending on how much difficulty you can tolerate), instead of %TP or MMP. You can rack up a LOT of strain that way, but it will also be rather difficult to complete.

The other thing that you should keep in mind is the amount of HIGH XSS the workout will have relative to your current HIGH training load. If you have almost no high training load & hit yourself with a large dose of HIGH XSS, you’re going to be in the yellow for some time.

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on that 30/30 workout, i made 29 high XSS, my high TL according to the xpmc is 5.7… seems insane that a 29 high xss impulse wouldn’t cause a bigger jump in my high TL…
the high training load time constant is only 22 days… when i look at my usual CTL chart and if i did 5x higher TSS than my current CTL… that would be absolutely insane! and I think i would see a much larger jump using the usual EWMA formula… I’m not sure if i’m following this correctly honestly… is the xpmc the only way to see the current high TL? how do I see my current High Recovery Load?


looking at my weekly stats in the planner I can see my High XSS on a weekly basis… i did 8 high xss per day last week and 8 high xss per day the week prior to that… pretty big jump… I am yellow now but i have had the slider set kinda aggressive lately since i’ve been building a much larger aerobic engine… i’m handling a bit more here i think…