What is the Long Slow Distance ceiling

Hi All,

I’m wondering what is the maximum intensity that can be used for LSD.

Sundays is my long ride day, and I usually go for a outside ride of 3h ish.

But recently got stuck indoors and started doing a progression with Lucy In The Sky Wiyh Diamonds. At the moment is a psychological progression, going from 2h in the trainer to 3 hours. I’m using this to play with my nutrition too. Physically is nothing to difficult - as it should be!

I’m bound to reach the 3h mark in 2 or 3 weeks and I was wondering how much more intensity I could add without losing the benefits of LSD.

Equivalent power = LTP?


To be honest, I would go for HR-ceiling with lsd rides.

Yes I know that HR is the “normal” way to go about it, but Xert EBC doesn’t connect with my Garmin HR strap (ticket submitted).

The idea is to set a workout and switch off the brain by watching Netflix for 3h.

3h of LSD is already boring enough on the trainer :sleeping:

This is only for my indoor setup.

You could ride an Indoor activity, no workout selected, Slope or Resistance mode, and keep it in the blue well below LTP.
Or ride by RPE with relaxed closed mouth breathing as your ceiling cue. :slight_smile:

I know I’m being picky, but the intention is to completely abstract myself from what I’m doing and just enjoy Netflix. And that would require some self-awareness. Also my kickr core gets “jammed” in slope (I also have a support ticket for that)

I had a look at my last Sunday ride and noticed this:

And the average HR was 148. Just between z2 and z3

Perfect split!

When the numbers start to pend more to one side I know I can tweak the workout. (Hopefully to add intensity)


Just to add that I saw this comment from Scott
quote=“ManofSteele, post:7, topic:9523, full:true”]
Cary, LTP isn’t your all day power, it would actually be below that (I’ve found around 90% LTP is a good starting “all day” intensity). Think of it this way, riding at LTP towards the end of a longer ride would be similar to performing an effort at threshold when you’re relatively fresh. Just like riding at threshold is not sustainable forever, you’ll find trying to hold LTP at the end of a long ride will also be unsustainable forever. HTH

My LTP is 207W (90% = 186W) and the equivalent power for the ride above is 188W.

Things add up nicely. I think I found what I was looking for.


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I’ve found riding at LTP for extended periods to require concentration and commitment. It definitely isn’t all day power for me. Riding 20/20W below it is a LOT easier. At the end of a 4/5 hr ride LTP gives me a HR on the border of sSweetspot & Threshold.


I’ll be doing further experimenting, but seeing Scott comment plus my HR data I’m inclined to accept:

90%LTP = LSD ceiling = all day riding.

Still need to check the above against a 5h ride… but that won’t be on the trainer for sure :exploding_head:

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