What is the cheapest device to play workouts to control a trainer?

I am having trouble running workouts on my Android phone. There is a lot on the phone and it is old.

So I want to buy a new dedecated unit that can control my trainer running Xert workouts. What are some cheap options that will work with my Kickr Core and Favero Assioma Duo power meter pedals?

Define ‘cheap’. If you’re happy to buy a dedicated unit that also serves as a bike computer, giving you the Xert IQ fields when outdoors as well, I’d say an Edge 530. If you buy an old model iPhone, you will need a CABLE, so in the end that may not be a lot cheaper. Alternatively, any cheapish Android on the market now, will probably do and they come cheaper than an Edge or iPhone - CABLE combo, I guess. Just make sure it has Ant+ then - apparently, some models do not have that anymore.


Just note that you won’t need a CABLE for the KICKR or FTMS compliant trainers. Old iPad / iPhone would be my first pick followed immediately by an inexpensive Android.


Oh yes, (only) the Tacx trainers are not FTMS compliant :+1: Edit: apparently not only Tacx - see response below. Without the need for a CABLE, iPhone would be ok, iPad even better, if you use it only for indoor Xert sessions anyway. And if you have a method of putting that in front of you, while training. But, as you are used to an Android, a cheap phone or tablet might be your best choice. I think the new Android Xert app is not far behind the iOS app, @xertedbrain?

By exporting the workout to an .erg or .zwf file, you can control an ANT+ trainer (that’s more or less all of them) using Golden Cheetah on a windows (linux maybe, but USB on linux is a sad joke so good luck) and a 25€ ANT+ USB stick. That’s the setup I have been using for years, but then there is no powermatch done between Kickr and Bepro.

BTW Golden Cheetah is a very useful tool… It’s my backup solution if Barion Biosystems folds or discontinues Xert.

Extremely unlikely at this stage. Xert is here to stay.


I have a bike computer already Wahoo Elemnt (no Xert of course, but don’t think it is worth buying a Garmin Edge just for Xert). And I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone that has been problematic ever since I started with Xert. I even bought a new trainer because I thought that might be the problem, it wasn’t. I don’t want to buy another Android phone only to find that it too has the same issues. I suspect the problem is with the Android App it self.

I have an ANT+ dongle for a laptop and have controlled the trainer without issues with various PC apps but Xert does not have an option for a PC.

Are there minimum specs for an ipad? How does it connect? Bluetooth or ANT+? I am under the impression that ANT+ is a better standard than Bluetooth for this kind of application.

Thanks for all your ideas and feedback.

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I think the Android app has been problematic, but there is a new version coming soon (now beta, I think). You may want to wait for that.

However, I’m not sure about all the specs of your Kickr Core and if Wahoo has changed anything since, but this is from DC Rainmakers review:

It DOES NOT , however, support these protocols (which trainers from Tacx, Magene, and Elite do support to varying degrees):

ANT+ Speed/Cadence Profile: This broadcasts your speed and cadence as a standard ANT+ Speed/Cadence combo sensor. Wahoo doesn’t do this for any trainers.
Bluetooth Smart Speed/Cadence Profile: This broadcasts your speed and cadence as a standard BLE combo Speed/Cadence sensor. Wahoo doesn’t do this for any trainers.
Bluetooth Smart FTMS: This follows the industry standard Bluetooth Smart FTMS control, which is basically the Bluetooth variant of ANT+ FE-C for controlling trainers. Wahoo doesn’t do this yet.

So, as an iPad is BLE only, and your Kickr doesn’t support FTMS, I don’t think you’ll be better of with an iPad…

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I “borrowed” my wife’s retired iPhone 4 and ran an Xert workout on it. It worked great controlling the Kickr Core and connecting to my power meter pedals. Even got a breakthrough. No drop outs like the Android app. You don’t get much cheaper than free!!

It did run out of battery after about 1 and a half hours but I had just finished my last interval so didn’t mind. Next time I will plug the phone into a power pack.


The latest Kickr 2018 firmware update added cadence and I now see that on both my IPad (BLE) and Laptop (either BLE or ANT+)


Our Android app is going through an update and should be out shortly.

iPad 4 should have no problems although a newer iPad might have other purposes you could use it for. It will connect over BT only but can connect to ANT+ sensors using a CABLE bridge.


I’ve had a lot of problems running Xert workouts with the Edge 520 and 820. The ciq program seems very unreliable.

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The 530 is in another league. However, the connection with Garmin Connect (field updates) has not improved.

I just picked up a used iPod touch 5th gen for $20 on ebay. Perfect for the iOS app.


If using a PC - ERGVideo can use the erg file that you download from Xert. They have a free ERG player that works perfect.


good to know…I’m fully invested (physically) in this!!

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I have a garmin 520 plus. Troublesome initially but keep only a few active fields and the workout app and you’ll be fine on xert. Bigger issue is the garmin connect app. They should pay Xert to fix it. Note: lack of touch screen might be annoying but I like it having moved from an edge 810.

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