What is the best way to adjust TP in Xert?

Hi, I am using Xert for a couple of weeks now. It’s really great fun and it helps with training! I have a question about TP. What is the best way to adjust TP in Xert.

Xert says my FTP is 345. But then the training advice is incorrect with how i feel.

I do regular test FTP for about 30 to 60 minutes to get my zones right. My FTP is 315/320, not so talented;). And I’m a bit of sprinters type. So my normalized power is always higher 330/345.

At this moment I flag activities to get my TP to 320. Then the trainingadvice is right with how I feel. Is flagging the best way for Xert?

Probably not. I would use the power curve calculator tool, using values for PP, or 1-5 sec power, 10 or 20 minutes and 45-60 minutes, if you’re confident they are accurate.

This will then extract your power curve and you can set that as your current signature.

I’m not sure that you being a sprinter type, would inflate your NP much, as sprinting is typically a short duration event, which shouldn’t influence your NP, unless you only do ~40 minute training sessions…

thnx for your quick respons!! Then I will try the power curve calculator. I have ‘max’ data.

Hi Matthjs!

I had a look at your account and data, and I actually think things look really good. Xert definitely has picked up that you’re more of a sprinter with a relatively high HIE & PP. Remember that Xert doesn’t define threshold power as your 60 min power, but rather the highest power that you can ride at where MPA neither decreases nor increases. For many athletes, time to exhaustion at threshold will typically be between 40 and 70 minutes (for sprinter style athletes, likely closer to 40 min; for endurance style athletes, possibly closer to 70 min).

If you look at your current power duration curve, your current threshold (339 W) results in a 60 min power of 329 W (not far from where your reported ~60 min power of 315/320 W).

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See? That’s what happens when you don’t have that info :joy: Still, the advise was sound :sunglasses:


Hi Scott, thanks for looking at my account/ data and your explanation! Nice that it looks good! Then I’m mixing up two different definitions. I will look more closely at the information about MPA. (http://baronbiosys.com/understanding-mpa/)