What happenned to the "Intelligent Gearing System" seen on GCN?

As seen here! @xertedbrain

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Bioshift was ahead of its time – 9 years ago.
Idea still has merit but Shimano and SRAM would need to allow a head unit with the Bioshift app to pair with your derailleurs and control e-shifts in Full Synchro mode.
Does anyone really believe that would ever happen?

In the meantime, you can mimic this function by installing the Bioshift Cadence Optimizer on a Garmin head unit then monitor when to shift. After a while it becomes instinctive similar to how you shift without guidance. However, you likely don’t shift as much as you should outdoors for optimal efficiency especially if you don’t have electronic shifting or a low enough gear to spin at preferred cadence on steep climbs.

If Bioshift ever became integrated and automatic I bet you could prove the advantages with some time trial and segment tests.
The ultimate combination would be continuously variable gearing (think NuVinci) powered by Bioshift v2.0 with Moxy integration. :smiley:
Goal: Most efficient torque/cadence for max speed at changing resistance (slope %) based on power + HR + muscle oxygen level + preference (RPE).
UCI compliant? :rofl:

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We’ve always entertained the idea to reintroduce it. It’s yet another one on our list of projects to complete.

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