What efforts should be done to test FTP LTP and HIE?

I’m new here.
moving from a year of TR wokouts and haven’t ridden outside in a long while.
I basically haven’t pushed for maximal efforts till failure (other than the TR ramp test which i’ve done lots of times) in the last year though I do have 2019 race files, but those were done on a generation 1 stages power meter and I don’t want to input that older data. So I’m just going off of the data from my last 3 months using my new Assioma duo power meter.

Now i’m trying Xert because I want to consider changing up my training strategy to something polarized instead of whatever it is that i’ve been doing on TR. to that end, Xert needs a valid fitness signature in order to prescribe workouts.

In the attempt to find my fitness signature, I’ve looked at my ramp tests (since I have nothing else to go off of right now). They do a terrible job of indicating PP, however if I use the advanced MPA functions, I’m able to manipulate the PP up and down as well as lower the HIE a few kJ and then use the extract function. When I do this, the PP always stays exactly where I put it, and HIE & FTP go up a bit. I repeat this until the FTP is identical to 75% of the 1 minute peak power for the workout. (Which is what TR does to estimate FTP)

So I’ve done that for each of my ramp tests, and i’ve come out with
a PP of 973w, HIE of 18.8, and FTP of 282…

I’m 6 foot 1 and usually around 215 lbs at race weight (225 lbs right now). my peak FTP in 2019 was 300 watts from TR. I usually love to do my monthly sprint time-trial during the summer as well as race a few ~2 hour road races and several 45 minute crits. I’m category 4 on USAC. I easily get myself into situations where I just want to get out of the peloton and do my own thing. during my last flat summer road race, I ended up getting dropped but did keep up for a long time. I think I was just doing too much work. I’m definitely going to use Xert on my garmin to try to control myself a little bit better next year. Do these numbers seem okay based on the kind of rider I described myself to be?

I am guessing that my PP is kinda low, If i look at my all time (5 years of data) peak power, it was 1500 watts for 5 seconds, and my 2019 5 second peak power was 1357. Again, i’m not interested in going off of this number since it was with a different power meter and it was at the peak of my racing and may not accurately reflect me now.

What should I do from here? I’m very willing to do a test.

Currently for saturday, I’m scheduling myself to do a 5s, 1min, and 5min max effort test on the TR software because that’s what i’m comfortable with.
Is this a good choice for helping me to nail down a more accurate PP and HIE?
If i do this test, and have big breakthrough numbers, is Xert likely to lower my FTP and LTP a lot? I will admit that I’ve never actually tried to hold my FTP for more than 20 minutes since i’ve never tried it. I’ve certainly done plenty of FTP training with TR In the last year where i sustained my FTP level power for as much as 3x20.

Sorry for the long winded post. I’m just not clear on what sorts of efforts need to be done to validate each dimension of the Xert fitness signature model. (LTP, FTP, HIE, and PP)

Isaac Young

3 months of pedal power data should be enough, but if I had more historical power data available I would load all of it regardless how much I trust the accuracy.
You can always adjust your signature settings later – if needed.
The first thing to consider is TP in Xert is not fixed. It can and will vary depending on current decay setting and which phase you are in for suggested workout intensity.
The other signature values will also vary.
You could just start riding recommended workouts for a week and throw in a BT test at the end of the week if you feel the calculated signature isn’t correct.
You can also adjust freshness feedback (under Planner) the next day before a suggested workout. That will change things up.
Within a few weeks you should be on track.
Xert is definitely a different experience than TR.
Polarized training in base phase may seem too easy at times. Until it’s not. :slight_smile:

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To be clear, Xert does not follow the polarized model (as per Seiler) - its model is unique, although it has some elements in common. The best way to update your signature is to do one of the Xert library workouts (Xert fitness test for breakthroughs). That should get your signature close to reality but accurate peak power might need an outdoor sprint effort - indoors it’s often tough to really get everything out. Good luck!

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As said- I think you can cover everything indoors except peak sprint power. Locked into a trainer and unable to move the bike under yourself makes it hard/impossible to replicate what you’re capable of outside. I’m personally about 300 watts off.

thanks for the suggestion…
I agree completely, I did the version 2 breakthrough workout… it’s just too hard on my trainer especially to ramp it up fast enough.
I’m on a kinetic wheel on trainer and yeah… i’m about 300 off too… I don’t like it, but i’ve accepted the fact that xert wants me to start my training 20 watts lower in TP than the TR ramp test thinks i am for FTP… It’s probably going to be a good thing eventually.