What Drives MPA?

I had some doubts about the power meter readings in my early history and decided to reset my progression to values I know to be below. In successive rides, where I achieved “breakthroughs” (based upon my artificially lowered values), my TP and HIE have both consistently climbed. But, the MPA value seems “stuck”. Can you provide some sense of what drives an increase in MPA?

MPA is derived from your signature. It is a continuously changing value that starts at Peak Power. Are you referring to Peak Power? To raise Peak Power, you need to perform efforts near Peak Power. Peak Power can also be trained by performing high power short efforts.


Yes, I should has asked about Peak Power (which, I believe, is equivalent to MPA at full rested state). Your explanation makes sense as I am now training in the flat lands where the opportunity (or necessity) for short term maximal efforts is less. Thanks for the explanation. Understanding this three part model (PP, HIE, TP) of human exercise physiology is confusing but beginning to make sense. Really interesting!