What do the numbers tell us?

I’d like to know what numbers are considered good and what numbers point towards potential areas of weakness. Feel free to answer or comment on any of them - I’ve read the support articles but would love some specifics. Obviously TP being high helps so I have a bunch of other questions:

  1. What is a good range for HIE over TP?
  2. Is there an absolute value for HIE that one should aim for?
  3. Is LTP simply a derivative of one’s training load?
  4. Should I be aiming to bring LTP up closer to TP or have LTP remain the same and TP get higher?
  5. Do certain workouts target the three specific numbers differently? Ie. will a lot of below LTP work improve my LTP?
  6. How can I tell what my numbers reveal
    About my strengths and weaknesses as an endurance athlete overall?

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I assume you have accumulated enough power data or loaded sufficient history to establish your numbers…

For #2 see the PP/HIE chart in this article: http://baronbiosys.com/faq-items/is-my-fitness-signature-right/
I don’t think you can aim for an absolute value but HIE will rise as you become more fit and respond to higher training load. HIE is your work capacity above TP. The fitter you are the more you can exceed TP, recover, and repeat. I imagine those with high PP and high HIE can thoroughly thrash a group of riders whenever they feel like it. :slight_smile:

For #6 see this article: http://baronbiosys.com/choosing-your-athlete-type/
Your strengths and weaknesses are highlighted in the spider chart under Ranking.
To work on your weakness you can choose workouts designed for another rider type or change your type for several weeks to focus on that weakness or prepare for an event that more closely matches that profile. Notice in the instructions you don’t necessarily select the lowest point rider type to improve a weakness.
See this post:
Athlete Type for Alpine Gran Fondo
Ranking also shows your current W/kg and best performance in the past (? icon identifies which workout/ride generated that performance). Also shown is your current percentile within the population of Xert users. You can compare by gender/age/date range using the filters in upper right.

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