What do I do? (I can't ride 3 hours indoors)

The fitness adviser is recommending a 3 hour workout for me, today (SMART Ironman 180),
but I just can’t ride for 3 hour indoors. My longest ever indoor ride was 1:14 hrs 2 days ago.

Here are my numbers:
TP 116w, HIE 29.7kj, HIE 996, 2Hr 117w, LTP 42w

I have a training deficit of 243 XSS so I understand the push to do the 156 XSS ride, but…


  1. For today, you should press “filters” and then limit the duration to 1hr 15mins or 1hr 30 minutes, then the advisor will let you know what recommended workouts for that time.

  2. If you are constantly behnid schedule, you might need to alter the training plan on goals

Thank you, Hyukjin. This is a big help.

I guess it doesn’t matter so much if there is not ride with the recommended XSS in my timeframe.

I’m training for a century in October…not sure if I can make up the fitness deficit by then, no matter what schedule I choose. I see a lot of pain in my future! haha.

Thanks again!

Not sure when your last (long effort) breakthrough was, but it’s worth doing one at the start of a training block. You can search the forum for tips on breakthroughs and getting an accurate signature.

There is a chart here which would suggest your HIE is high relative to your peak power - for ca. 1000w peak power you’d expect HIE up to 23 rather than 30. That could mean that TP and LTP are understated.

Is the limit your ability to sit on a trainer for more than say 90 minutes, or do you only have 90 minutes spare on that day?

If it is the former you could do 2 sessions for the day.

If it is the latter you could do FRONT LOADERS 90 V2 (MIXED MODE COPY) which would give 112 XSS, or do more training in the following days.

I had a long effort BT on 7/28 - 3hr ride outdoors.

I also had a BT on 8/18 - 1 hr ride indoors.

My HIE has been consistently between 26 and 30 since March 2021 - when the season began (50 rides).


My work/ride/familty schedule doesn’t allow 2 rides per day (and neither does my fitness level). hahaha.
I could do a 2-3 hour ride timewise, but not fitnesswise - indoors. Outdoors it’s not a problem.

My legs can’t sustain more than 1:30 hrs indoors, even in an LPT endurance ride, yet.

As @aksasin mentions you can always use Filter to change duration depending on how much time you can train today. Also consider Load More to display a wider variety of options including workouts with lower XSS/time requirement. They will all contribute to your training load as you progress towards your target event date.

You don’t need to make up a deficit from week to week as XATA is based on a rolling seven day period. Any deficit/surplus is absorbed into the following seven day period.
Ideally the pacer needle floats between 11am and 1pm to maintain the TL goal you established by setting the improvement rate (IR).
However. you might let the needle drop into the red during the week then bring it back up with a long ride on the weekend. Or a dip occurs due to unforeseen schedule conflicts (stuff happens). E.g., you may take extra days off one week, but you’re back to a “normal” the next.

If you consistently find yourself unable to maintain the current ramp rate (hours/week and intensity) you can adjust IR down under Goals. For example, change Moderate-2 to Moderate-1, or Moderate-1 down to Slow. Then dial it back up again if/when your schedule permits.
At some point everyone reaches a limit on what they can ride per week and you’ll need to change IR to Maintenance to hold it there or Taper to reduce the commitment. Or move to Off-Season and take a week off. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t ridden centuries before, let us know and we can provide some additional tips.

Thanks. There is so much information in Xert it can get overwhelming,

I have ridden in 2 centuries before, but that was 10 years ago, and I have been idle for 9 years (no cycling at all). Started again last Sept and have been improving since then. I played with dropping the ramp rate, but wanted to try to push myself (heh).


Just to be clear, by long BT I mean a BT effort (by definition to failure / maximum effort) that itself was long eg 10 minutes or more of bringing down MPA, rather than a short sprint effort (which you can still do in a ‘long’ / 3 hour ride)

Reason I ask is that something looks odd with those numbers for your signature… also having 2 hour power above TP seems strange… and if your background is riding centuries it’d be more common for HIE to be on the lower end than upper end… happy to get others views here inc from @ManofSteele

Ahh I see. Then, I did not do a long BT effort. I just imported data from rides that I hade done (from Garmin Connect). I only re-started riding last Sept, after an 8 year layoff, so I don’t have a “history” or “background” of anything. ha haha.

I had a bronze breakthrough on Aug 18th during an indoor ride, that was an hour long.
I had a silver breakthrough on July 18th during a 2:55 outdoor ride (there was a 10%, 3min 30 sec hill - so a short “sprint” effort). :slightly_smiling_face:

Neither was an formal BT attempt, just spontaneously happening.

So it looks like I need to fit in a formal BT attempt to reset my numbers (which I have never done).

So today I did SMART - Break On Through and got a Bronze breakthrough. The new signature numbers are:
New - TP 145w, HIE 32.3kj, PP 951w, 2HR - 142w, LTP 64w
Old - TP 116w, HIE 32.3kj, PP 996w, 2HR - 117w, LTP 42w

It was hard (I only did 44 of 71 segments) but once I stopped I think I could have done 1 more interval. Also, the resistance didn’t go down in between segments like it was supposed to.
I did power sprint at the end of the last interval that I did.

Oh well…next time.

Thanks to everybody for the help!

We’ll done - know those efforts are not pleasant :sunglasses:

I think it moved your signature in the right direction, but still suspect the HIE is too high meaning LTP is too low. For most, LTP would be 70 to 85% of TP (at a guess), so your 42w looks much too low. It’s important to get that broadly correct as many endurance rides (which will be your focus) are based on % LTP, so with your current signature they’ll be much too easy

You can email support to help, or maybe they’ll chime in here… if you want to try yourself, you can go into ‘advanced MPA’ in your latest BT effort, and manually adjust eg HIE to maybe 22, then trial and error TP (up, refreshing each time) so that MPA just touches your actual power at the end. Then save. (This normally happens automatically, but if you have bad power data in the past it can throw off the algorithm)

The new LTP is 64w (up from the 42w). After todays outdoor ride (4 hrs endurance) The signature moved again (slightly)…

TP 148w, HIE 32.3kj, PP 952w, 2HR 144w, LTP 67w…

I’m gonna do some reading about HIE. I saw that chart, and agree mine looks out-of-whack.