What Athlete type for this race

Hi all,

my main event this year will be the marmotte granfondo Valais on 8th of August, which is 145km and 4800mt d+.
I’ll surely make some B races between now and than including a training camp from May 16 to 24 wich ends with the Novecolli Granfondo.
According to the race date and altimetric profile which i attach here,
what is the profile that i should choose that suits better this kind of race?

thank you very much

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I did a 180km 5000m event and xert classed this as sprint time trialist (which surprised me). The long descents give you lots of recovery time and the hills will be at well below TP. So although it’s a long day there is a lot of time on the descents where you recover so you can afford to push it a bit on the hills.

Thread steal… does xert have a method/algorithm for race rider types?

Sort of?

If you’ve done the event that you’re training for in the past (or a similar event), and analyzed it with Xert, you should use the focus duration of that older activity as your athlete type for now. HTH

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Hi Scott,

i did two similar races,for the first the xert analysis say it’s a sprint triathlete race.Oetztaler
The second is pointed as climber Novecolli
can you take a look and give a correct focus.
Thank you very much

Hi Andrea,

Whenever you’re deciding between two athlete types, I typically recommend to choose the shorter focus type (in this case, Climber). This will give your training a slightly bigger amount of variety when you get to the Build/Peak phases, as well as make sure you’re ready for the higher intensity. Hope that makes sense! Cheers!

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