What affects would participation in other, non-power metered sports have?

During July I alternated rides with swims each day and lifted weights too. All of this created fatigue and increases the chance of doing too much in theory. Would I be able to see a change in my power metered sport if I decreased other efforts? I surmise that both lifting and swimming would increase my initial power or high intensity by lifting, and threshold in the case of swimming. I also see that riding the day after doing weighted leg work is going to affect my ability to perform if not recovered, and sometimes this takes a week.

They all have an effect on your actual performance, but from the Xert tool’s perspective, they won’t be added to your metrics, since you don’t have power data for the activity. Similar to if you were to ride a bike without a meter - the activity syncs up but it doesn’t affect things.

The running with power is better not to have it in the same accounto to avoid distorsions in the model, isn’t it?

As addressed above (thanks all), non-power activities have no impact on your Xert account. For non-power cycling activities, we recommend adding in manual activities to keep your progression on track.

In reality, there are benefits from cross training, but its difficult for us to quantify how much swimming affects your cycling fitness signature (i.e. how much swimming per week will increase my TP by 5W? hard to answer). Also, remember that cross-training activities will contribute to your recovery load (like you mentioned, it affects your ability to perform), which isn’t captured/not quantified in Xert at this point. For now, use the freshness feedback to adjust the difficulty of the recommended workouts. Cheers

Ok, Scott, I will try to add in cross training efforts.

Actually I do not have a tracker for these activities, yet so have no quality data. If WHOOP can pick this stuff up, I will have data in the future. Their device is on the way, they seem very popular.

If they’re not cycling activities, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. With that said, incorporating HRV from devices like Whoop might be a neat addition to the XATA recommended workouts…

I do not understand what XATA means. I think that WHOOP algo’s are capturing when you are recovered.

XATA = Xert Adaptive Training Advisor