Welcome to our fresh new look

Each time I log in I get the message “Welcome to our fresh new look”. Your home page has been remodeled since the last time you visited! We will highlight some of the main changes in this update.

How can I discard this message and the tour permanently? I have already gone three to four times through the entire tour hoping the pop-up wouldn’t show up anymore.

I suspect that’s a browser (cache) thing, which is controlled by your browser settings. So, if you - or a cleaning app - frequently or automatically flush(es) your browser cache, it will pop up every time after that…

Are cookies disabled on your phone/PC browser?
On a related note if someone wants to view the tour again without clearing their browser cache/cookies here’s how on Chrome (if on a PC).
Start a New Incognito tab (Ctrl+Shift+N) then login to xertonline.

Yes, I believe it was an issue with my cookies. Thank you very much.