Weight updates

Is there a way to keep weight in xert updated with a withings scale, or strava, automatically?

Not at this time. Not in the immediate plans but something we may consider.

Maybe something like the ifttt applets, would be easy. I use this to push weight into strava everytime I use the scale, automatically.

Could an extra data field from Garmin connect be added so when weight gets added it auto updates.

I note the Strava link now, would it be possible to add Garmin too?

If you link Garmin to Strava, you have the choice to update your weight automatically too. Xert will then take it from Strava - no need to connect Garmin to Xert.

Thanks mate.

Do you know if Strava sends the same cycling data to Xert as Garmin connect.

I’ve been running Garmin as my source of truth as I thought Strava had subtle differences in its data formatting

Yes - the data is the same, but there are some differences in the details. However, these should not influence the numbers Xert works with - it’s a bit of a catch-22, because you would like to stick to the Garmin data, but then you lose the Xert - Strava BT reports. Personally, I do not care for those much, but I keep my Strava to Xert link, as I also have a Wahoo…

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