Weight / Strength training

How are users putting Strength Training into the planner ? i do a heavy weight session for 45mins twice a week , whats the best way to add this information as the fatique can be very significant , is it best to dedicate strength days or do it a couple of hours after the bike session ??

xss and stress from strength training just doesn’t really match up. I mostly use xert for power/sprint workouts rather than the ftp type stuff (track cyclist) and do plenty of gym work.

The only advice that really counts is put as much time between your lower body gym work as possible and riding. plenty out there on ampk and mtor if you want to google it all but the short of it all is ride first lift after for ordering training, then eat carbs and try to get at least 6-8hours between a bike and gym session.

also, rest lots if you want optimal strength gains and do speed work if you want to integrate it into on bike power

Or you could do controlled momentum, negatively accentuated training with low volume per workout, each exercise done to total, complete involuntary muscular failure. When I do that kind of workout, I have measurable increases in muscular strength and associated joint integrity with one such workout every 8 to 10 days. YMMV