Weight (and other heatly parameters) tracking

Hi! I was using several training platforms in the past and ended up with xert. It covers most of my needs, but what I believe it is missing most is tracking relevant health parameters.

Body weight being most essential of it. I hope all cyclists will agree. Here an old thread promising development: Weight Tracking

A sync with some other platform would be nice. I have scales that can connect to other platforms and upload body weight a other parameters automatically. But I would be fine with entering weight manually too - just as long as I can visualize the development too…

Also, being a female, I d love to have my menstrual cycle tracked. I believe it influences my performance (also through weight actually) and i would love to have it tracked along breakthroughs, training load, max pulse etc. Just imagine the sheer scientific value of tracking that with the female population here!

Thanks for a great platform - I am enjoying it!

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You can sync weight from Strava under Account Settings, Personal Info.
In addition you can go to XO, Activities, Table and enable Weight as one of the columns.
Perhaps not the reporting you would like but it’s a good start. :slight_smile:

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