Weekly Stats

Hi! What does mean the second number in the column “XSS/day”? Below the actual XSS value

Change compared to previous Training Load.

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Hi Armando,

I had the same question - How is this number in green below XSS/day calculated?

e.g. in my February row I have 25.9 as this ‘Change in Training Load’ but my training load has changed over 1 week from 88.3 up to 91.2 = 2.9 increase or 3% increase.

It’s in your example 114.2 - 88.3 = 25.9
The current XSS per day minus the TL at end of last week, so the change in current XSS per day to long time average XSS per day aka Training Load.


And your ramp rate, or change in TL, will be pretty much 25.9 / (60/7), assuming you’ve not changed the time constants in your profile
(It’s slightly different as low XSS and high/peak XSS are tracked separately with different time constants… 60 and 22 respectively as a default)