Weekly hours, Xert and rest days


I have started Xerting a couple of weeks ago. I’m doing the Continuous Improvement program and have chosen a Moderate-2 weekly improvement rate.

As of now the training advisor says 6,6 weekly hours of training is needed. If I follow the first training advice of the day throughout the week I believe the workouts will add up to quite a bit more than 6,6 hours.

Why is that? Am I supposed to be “disobidient” and take rest days when Xert suggests a workout? Will Xert ever suggest a restday without any workout? I haven’t seen any so far. If I were to take rest days I would prefer that they to were suggested by Xert as per my estimated need for rest.

Xert doesn’t try to manage your schedule. If you ask what workout you should do, it will offer one. If your status is yellow, it will offer an Endurance workout. If your status is red, Active Recovery.

It’s doesn’t offer rest days (not at the moment) but tells you when you are ahead of plan and relies on your own availabilty to guide the amount of training you can do. This is the most logical way to plan out progressive improvements to your fitness.


I get it! Thanks!