Weekly hours and improvement rate

I did a lot of cycling during the vacation period and consequently my “improvement signature” has changed. Even if I sat the improvement rate to Off Season it says I shall put in more then 10 hours training per week and it doesn’t seem to change related to the more recent data.
Related to that I would like to see a funtion where you can set the XSS or training hours per week which you can use to select workouts for in the planner.

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Hi Thomas, the XATA (and improvement rate) uses recent data to make the calculations for weekly training time needed and improvement. As you settle back into your “usual” schedule, the recommendations will align with your “true” time availability. For the next week or so, train as time permits.

Yes, I have been doing that for 5 weeks now. How long time will the adjustment take? Is there a method to force a change?
IS there any plans for allowing youself to specify the XXS or hours as input for the XATA calculation?

I have the same question. Is there an rolling period over which the “weekly hours” are being calculated?
Also: If my weekly hours are still (to) high how will that affect the “recommended workout”?
Will it advise longer workouts based on the (to) high “weekly hours” ?

My situation is that I trained a lot (>15hrs/wk) and want to cut back without losing (to much) performance. I am curious on any advise how to accomplish that.

Thanks for your replies

Gr Johan B

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