Weekly Group Workout

Hey Folks,

With more and more places transitioning to an shelter in place lockdown, I figured now might be a good time to come together and perhaps do some of our training together (virtually). With this in mind, I’d like to extend an offer to join a meetup of mine on Zwift for Thursday morning (6am EST, that’s 10am GMT) during which our small group does 60-90 minutes of an endurance focus workout. The workout is banded, so everyone will stay together, as long as you don’t stop pedaling of course!

If interested in joining, you’ll need to follow me on Zwift so I can send you an invite to the meetup in Zwift (search for Scott Steele XERT) and send me your email (post here or send it to me directly in DM’s if you dont want to post publicly). I typically send out an email to everyone that is interested in participating on Tuesday or Wednesday that contains the ZWO file for the workout that we’ll be doing. I include both a 90 min version, as well as an abbreviated 60 min version for those who need to get going at the hour mark.

Hope everyone stays healthy and keeps riding! Cheers!


Count me in Scott.


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Got it! Sent you an invite via Companion app!


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Hi Scott,

I’m trying to look at the “Build Me Up” workout within the Xert workout library but I can’t find it. Is it a private workout or something?

Hi George. Not quite yet :wink: It’s in our beta workout library for now. Were you able to get the ZWO uploaded into Zwift?

Just doing it now Scott. I use Apple TV for my Zwifting so need to power up the old widows laptop to get the zwo files on.


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Just uploaded it and looked at it on Zwift Scott. It looks a good workout. Nice bit of variety in there too but keeping it as an Endurance workout.

See you tomorrow…

p.s. Beta acceptance soon?

Woke up with a sore throat this morning so decided to give the workout a miss.

Good to play it safe. We’ll be riding again next week, so feel free to join us again.

Re Beta… Our team is working really hard to iron out some of the bugs that we’ve run across on the server and in the new iOS/Android/Garmin players. Lots of ground to cover, but we’re working to make sure the user experience is excellent once we launch the new features. Thanks for your patience :slightly_smiling_face:


Would be really useful if Xert updated automagically my daily FTP in Zwift.
Looking forward to new features and improvements as always, thanks for the hard work!

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