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I haven’t been able to find an answer to my question on the support site, so I’m asking for your help:
What is weekly focus? I understand the general concept but the details escape me. For example, I’m in the recovery phase and all I’m doing is endurance, or almost all. This week, for a bit of fun, I did a sprint at the end of my outing and just one sprint during the week changed my weekly focus from endurance to pursuit.
And a secondary question: what does the time in front of our focus correspond to?

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Similar focus change occurs with an individual workout. If you jump the gun on an endurance activity and exceed TP to draw down MPA, the resulting focus calculation will change from endurance to a value further up the ladder.
Now that you know why you could ignore the calculated focus since you know what you did. :smiley:

Time = point along your Power Duration Curve that falls closest to an athlete type (focus duration).

  • Power Sprinter : 20s
  • Road Sprinter : 2 minutes
  • Pursuiter : 3 minutes
  • Puncheur : 4 minutes
  • Breakaway Specialist : 5 minutes
  • Rouleur : 6 minutes
  • GC Specialist : 8 minutes
  • Climber : 10 minutes
  • Sprint Time-Triallist : 20 minutes
  • Time-Triallist : 1 hour
  • Century Rider : 2 hours
  • Triathlete : 3+ hours

Endurance (Sprint TT thru Triathlete) = 24:06 or 48:20 or 3:00:00
Rouler = 5:45 or 6:10

Reference –
Stress, Focus, Specificity and Strain – Xert (baronbiosys.com)
Choosing your Athlete Type – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

As @ridgerider2 said, Focus is the just that, the intensity focus for that ride. A Pursuiter Focus would mean the ride felt like a lot of effort at your 3 minute power, or higher. If you did Pursuiter Focus rides all week, you’d end up with a Pursuiter weekly Focus.

When you combine rides of differing Focus in a week, each one will have different levels of low, high, and peak stress. If you didn’t have much low stress (a few recovery rides), even a single sprint of peak stress could ‘contanimate’ that pool of work, and move your Focus way lower. The more work you have in a week, the less a single ride will move that weekly Focus.

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