Watts progression bar on Remote Player

Xert, the new IOS app is fantastic. Especially the “Elevator Progression Bar” that displays the target watts and the actual watts side by side on the blue workout chart in real time. Noticed that this Progression bar isn’t on the blue workout chart for the website Remote Player. Would you be able to add this feature to the website Remote Player? IMG_2527 IMG_2528

Hey Marco. We’ll be adding a few things to the remote player and likely will add real-time data to it. Still a ways out before we can get to it though. Btw, be sure to update your iOS app. The latest version shows that chart in their enhanced colors. :slight_smile:

Cool! Will do.

Um, the progression bar IS on the web version… It shows watts too. I was working out with it 20min ago. I won’t show until you start a workout. Maybe you need to refresh the webpage or something.