Watch a Short Tutorial on Xert Sessions with Scott

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Great video - Thank you,
When creating a session it would be great, if we can link to a youtube playlist instead of a single video. This would give the opportunity to have more shorter videos played within a longer workout.

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Either that or have you choose multiple videos. I think the latter might be easier for users.

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Multiple times, it is recommended that we “Restart the EBC app” and it is stated that we won’t lose anything. If the app is no longer running (aka reading from the sensors) - how are we not losing anything?

Hi Scott,

Sorry if that’s confusing. If the sensor isn’t connected, that data cant be recorded of course!

What I meant is that if you’re 1 min (or 4+ hours) into a ride and you’re having difficulties with sensors, GPS, or anything, you can close and re-open the app without losing any of the data that’s already been collected. Or if EBC were to crash (highly unlikely, but anything’s possible with technology), you should never lose activity data.

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thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.