Want to load all historical activities

I currently have the trial version, though that’s up in a week. When I set up the account in Xert it only brought in my Strava activities as far back as the beginning of March. Is it possible to import all of my history from either Strava, Garmin Connect or Training Peaks? If I were to use Xert as my primary platform (which I’m leaning towards) I would want to bring all of my data with me to evaluate past performances to help with my planning. Please tell me if this is possible and how to do it. Thanks.

Hi Wayne, we created a couple of new FAQs. We’ve been getting these questions quite a bit. Here you go:

For Strava: http://baronbiosys.com/faq-items/synchronizing-older-strava-activities/
For TrainingPeaks: http://baronbiosys.com/faq-items/exporting-trainingpeaks-data/

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to go back historically into Garmin Connect. If you have your activities on your Garmin device, you can always just plug that in and upload your activities into Xert directly from the device.

Let us know how it goes.

My best historical data source is Training Peaks, so hopefully this will work for me. Thanks for the quick response, I’ll give this a try.

OK, it works. Had to load trial version of Winzip, (couldn’t get 8 Zip Lite which has a free version for Windows 10 to work on gz files). But it’s really cumbersome, couldn’t get it to batch unzip files, had to do it one by one. Loaded all of my workouts back to Jan 1 of this year. Now I’m wondering whether any more data would even be useful for Xert. Last year I broke my collarbone in August so the back half of the year was just gradual digging out of a hole. If I’m concerned about how my progression chart reflects real life, wouldn’t it be just as useful to put in a seed value equivalent to my Training Peaks CTL for Jan 1?

Yes. You can just use a seed value equivalent to your CTL, although by now it won’t have any real impact to your current fitness. When the fitness planner gets released however, it will be more important to have better training loads configured as they will be used in the prediction algorithm.

I know this is super old, but seems relevant vs making a whole new one. Just signed up as a subscriber and it looks like I can only sync the past 3 years from Strava. I know it’s dumb, but I was really hoping to compare current fitness to some race fitness quite awhile back. Is it not possible to synch more than the last 3 years?

Hi Armando,

This feature does not work for me. As a new subscriber since December I can not load any more activities except the initial 3 month to get a fitness signature. Custom Button not staying highlight and only goes back to 2018 but when selected it reverts back.

Can your support check this out please,

Thanks in advance


That sounds like an account issue so you’ll want to file a one on one support request with support@xertonline.com.

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