Wahoo uploads not working

I have a Bolt. I configured direct upload to Xert a couple of weeks ago. It worked twice, I think, then stopped. I have multiple upload destinations configured and they are all working correctly except Xert, which always displays the error message in red “We’ve encountered an error”, with an option to retry. Retrying gives the same error.

I re-iterate: this did initially work! I haven’t changed any configuration on the Bolt since it worked, except to re-enable direct Strava uploads.

If this is anything like the (frequent) problems we encounter with Xert data fields on a Garmin head unit, you may try and reconnect your Xert account. I.e. from the companion app disconnect and reconnect, or log off and then back on, or something like that…

We havent had any reports of this. Do you have similar issues using the ios or Android apps? If you disable direct Stava uploads, does it still occur? You may want to send a note to our support email with more details. Thanks.

I have seen this issue in the last 2 weeks, and on-and-off in the past…In the past I assumed it was due to a failed bolt->wahoo (IOS) sync as a delete and resync from the bolt fixed it; but recently that didn’t work.

I think it will be more obvious for me now that I stopped the wahoo->strava sync as previously xert would have pulled the strava->xert data and I wouldn’t have noticed a failed xert upload.

I have now re-enabled strava sync as a work-around, but I’ll send and email to support if i can pinpoint how to repeat it or when it occurs.

Just had the logs checked and we haven’t seen anything anomalous come in. All looks perfectly normal.

I disabled Strava sync when I originally enabled Xert sync. I re-enabled Strava sync after I noticed Xert sync had stopped working.

Xert sync is currently failing for me every time.

I have the same problem since I had the Wahoo Bolt.
For some reasons, after a couple of weeks, the Wahoo app freeze and after killing it and running it again, is no more able to push data to Xert.
The only way to fix it is to disable Xert upload and then re-authenticate it.