Wahoo structured workouts possible with Xert?

I was wondering whether the Wahoo structured workouts work with Xert if I use the Xert planning feature?

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Hi Moritz,

We haven’t been able to get workouts from Xert onto the Wahoo system. Seems like the wahoo units will only accept workouts from TrainingPeaks, which doesn’t accept the .tcx files exported from our workout designer (which work fine on garmin units). You can contact Wahoo support and ask when they plan on offering workout integration for Xert…we have many users on Wahoo who would love that capability. Cheers

I did open a support ticket. Thanks for the reply!

TP exports workouts in FIT, ZWO and ERG formats and wahoo will thake the FIT version.
This integration would be critical. I’m also pushing on Wahoo, but you guys may want to talk to them directly.
Hate to break it to you, but Garmin isn’t exactly popular with cyclists these days…