Wahoo headwind

Is there anyway to connect Xert to the headwind fan directly from the Xert app? Or otherwise?

Did a session and was used to TR that drive the fan speed based on speed or HR. Started Xert and felt way hotter than usual, goin.I have sweat, the. noticed fan was just on min level and didn’t vary with simulated speed.

I don’t have a Headwind, but I believe it needs to be connected to your HR or speed sensor directly in order to control the fan speed. That means using ANT+ to connect to the fan while BLE is used for the training app sensor connections.
Or use the Wahoo Headwind phone app to control the fan,

I have a Wahoo Headwind connected directly with my HR monitor without any problem (while running Xert or other trainer programs with my Tacx smart trainer). I’m using bluetooth to connect, but that works because my HR monitor (Polar H10) can handle dual bluetooth connections. If your sensor can’t handle dual BLE connections then you’ll have to do as @ridgerider2 suggested and use ANT+ for the fan connection.

I’m not sure how that would work with simulated speed coming from the app or trainer. It depends on whether or not Xert or the trainer broadcasts the simulated speed. Regardless, I think you’re better off using HR because it’s a much better indicator of how hard you’re working.

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My headwind is connected to the trainer, and the fan speed is connected to the trainer speed.

This shouldn’t be a problem.