Wahoo ELEMNT...

Sorry if this has been brought up many times before, but I “searched” the latest few hundred posts. I literally just sold my Garmin Edge 1000 and am now using my Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT. Please tell me you are working on a partnership with Wahoo to be able to link accounts so I can upload workouts to my head unit. I have tried exporting to .TCX and importing to TrainingPeaks as a work around, but the files are unreadable… And I really don’t want to pay for TrainingPeaks and Xert.


I’m not sure there is anything positive news. Sold my1000 a few years back and got a bolt. Just sold my bolt and gone edge 520 plus for all the IQ stuff.

520+ is a nice unit.

Corey, we can’t disclose any information on this unfortunately.

Thanks for the response. I will try to make it work. I really like the way you have built your system. There is so much more to learn from the data that I was unaware of. I’m glad I made the investment in the power meter hardware for both of my bikes. Xert will hopefully help me better understand the information I’ve been collecting and give me more focused training advice to meet my goals.