Wahoo Element Bolt upload prob via Strava

Hi guys just got a Wahoo Element Bolt for Christmas and logged a couple rides. I auto upload them to Strava and then sync to my training here. It when I go through it, it’s not taking out the auto pause areas within the ride. Strava and Wahoo data corresponding together but my log here shows dead spots. Can I edit them or anyone know how to fix the issue?

You should not run with autopause on. Both MPA and DIfficulty rise during these times. If you do with auto-pause on, Xert will re-insert them for this reason.

Oh Ok. Does make sense as you are still out on an activity just not producing power for that 10min etc. Then continue on the ride. Thanks

wow, you guys just lost a subscriber

Hi Tom. Not sure why you’d think this was such an important issue. Keeping autopause off should really matter that much. Perhaps you can explain why it is so important to you.