Wahoo Element and Xert MPA data field - hopeless?

I know it’s been asked many times and the problem is with wahoo and not Xert.
But have anybody heard anything new about wahoo working on making it possible to have a Xert MPA data field?
I would hate to switch my ELEMNT bolt for a Garmin but on the other hand I really would love to have the MPA information on my bike computer.
I guess Garmin Edge 530 is the closest I can get to a ELEMNT bolt - I don’t want touchscreen.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Wahoo. I have both the Bolt and an Edge 530. I was a bit weary to go for the 530, as the 520 basically sucked, but I was surprised at how good it actually is.

Ok yes I also owned the 520 and the 820 - both so slow in the menus and poor battery life compared to my element bolt. But maybe the 530 is the way to go

Yes. It’s a big step forward from the 520 and it has a lot of extra options. Honestly, there is no Wahoo even close to this device - I cannot speak for the 830, but I guess it’s equally good, with a touch screen. My experience with that, from the 820, prevented me from ever trying one again, but I read reports it’s a lot better…

Just recived a reply from Wahoo after asking about plans for Xert MPA as data field on Element bikecomputers.

“Thank you for getting in touch! We are always looking for ways to improve our products for our customers. I will pass along your suggestion to our product and development teams for consideration”

That answer tells me they dont have any plans what so ever about making it posible - I am replacing my Element Bolt with a Edge 530.


At least you got an automated ‘thanks, but no thanks’ answer :joy: Not all companies take the trouble of writing the scripts for that :wink: If you search our Facebook group - and probably this forum too - you’ll see that requests to Wahoo have been made since 2017…

Yes i Know - guess I thought I was special :smile:

:joy: Never hurts to file an additional request - if it piles up enough, one day they might actually do something with it. Then again, Strava never does, so…

Hmm, with the 530, the only map difference with the 830 is you’re only allowed to pin to navigate whereas 830 has the additional address menus am I correct?

Also, other than moving the pin to navigate with the 530, can you actually send direction to it via smartphone? Something like a Wahoo?

I really wish the 830 comes with additional buttons, would make it much suitable for switching data fields while riding than swiping. I do love the touch screen for menu and navigation purposes (rented a 1030 recently)

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