Wahoo Direct Connect

I haven’t tried it yet as I just received it yesterday. Does anyone know if the Xert app will pick up the Wahoo Direct Connect? Probably give it a try tomorrow. I bought this so when Zwift finally implements it I will be ready to go.

Nope can’t use with Xert at the moment. Would be nice if it did one day, connecting on an actual network rather than ANT/BLE has to be the way of the future.

In terms of cycling apps I’m only aware of Road Grand Tours and Sufferfest working with it right now.

I played around with it last night for a few minutes, I’ve read that it works with almost every training/virtual cycling app except Zwift.

I agree with you that this is the way things will move. I did a quick experiment and as long as my phone was in wireless range of my router the Wahoo app would pick up the trainer signal, this is quite amazing as my wireless router signal is stable to all corners of my house, even my yard. My neighbor can probably pick up my trainer from his house, lol. I could see this being built directly into all trainers and the trainers will use BT or ANT+ as backup only.