Wahoo computer

Can you upload a workout to a wahoo computer?

Not currently. They must use a proprietary format of tcx files. The workout files exported from our workout player work fine when uploaded to a Garmin, but I haven’t been able to get them to properly load to TP or Wahoo units.

One more question. My app and online profile are spitting out two different workouts.

Make sure you don’t have ‘select recommended workout automatically’ enabled on your Xert page

On the web page or on the app. I have automatically select workouts turned on on the app

Either (the setting should sync between the two). If that is enabled, it will randomly selected one of the top 4 recommended workouts when you start a new workout. If you prefer to choose your own workout, you should disable this option and the workout player will only play the selected workout. HTH

Not sure how to do that yet. I’ll look

You can find the setting from the Xert homepage by going to the Training Advisor tab, and de-selecting the option "Select a recommended workout automatically " below the Advisor Recommended Workouts. HTH

Thank you very much