VO2 max progression

Having just started prep for next season, I’m looking on ways to progress VO2 max workouts during the work week. I’ve started with building the total time at intensity 10% a week for the first mesocycle. However there comes a point where time constraints limit progress here.

When this point is reached I’m looking to increase the intensity. I’m modifying CLOSER 140 workouts. What’s the best way to sustainably increase intensity during a cycle? I was thinking increasing the XSS/hr 10% week but I’ve yet to try this and have no idea if that’s a good metric. Thoughts?

I’d suggest you follow the methodology that’s already in place in the system whereby the workouts that get recommended align with your current training load. If you’re not seeing any progressive overload in training load week to week, then there isn’t likely going to be an opportunity to increase XSSR in your intervals meaningfully. The increase you are looking to apply should be commensurate with the adding training you do.

Track your training load and increase the difficulty of your workouts as your training load increases would be how I would recommend going about it. If you wish to be more fine-tuned, track your high-intensity training load since this is what encompasses traditional VO2 max. Look for increases (you can use the Weekly Stats in the Planner tab or use the Fitness Signatures chart on the Progression tab). You can look to move this training load higher by increasing the difficulty of your workouts. Increasing the XSSR targets is a good way to do that.

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10% per month, not per week.

Otherwise, what xertedbrain said.