Does anyone track their VLaMax and Xert signature? Kindly message me if you do.

I’m curious about Vlamax as well. I know its not necessarily considered “legit” among some physiologists but it makes sense to me. I did a block with lots of sweet spot and threshold but no high VO2/anaerobic and my fitness was noticeably improved. I’d like to know (1) what aspect of the Xert profile corresponds closest with Vlamax (I’m guessing HIE) and (2) how can I identify Xert workouts that will help to lower VLAmax or at least avoid raising it.

For 1) I would have thought peak power as it’s a rate rather than a capacity?
For 2) presumably any endurance focused workout that stays below threshold…though you’ll have to self-select the low cadence as I don’t think Xert cares

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