Very very bad calculation of fitness signature

Today i’ve done the “Xert Fitness Test for Breakthrough Version 2” workout to update my fitness signature.
I’ve done it in slope mode and i’ve exceeded indicated watts in every interval.
At the end the result is a peack power quite +100 from last one and threshold pover quite -20.
I tried to “recalculate progression” but every time my fitness signature is different. This is really not good.
My tp was already fallen down with the new update. In this way workouts are too “easy” and i should modify my fitness signature manually and this is not the goal of this program.
I have been using xert for 3 months but i’m thinking to give up.

Hi Fabrizio,

You likely have very few activities with breakthroughs. Running a Progression Recalculation is going to change the end result dramatically each time and will depend on the initial signature you use to seed the process. Unless you know what to do, you will always get a different result if you just click Recalculate.

Contact for assistance.

Now i’ve done the reset of my account and i updated my activities from strava from 01/01/2022 and not only last 3 months.
My fitness signature seems more accurate.
I hope this was the problem, i’ll try this way