Very tired form

I got a power meter last month (I rode with HR the whole year on Strava) and after a few logged rides my form is redlined and very slowly climbs up to blue and green (like in a week). On strava my form is above 0 and it recovers in a day. So I’m not actually “very tired”, on Strava my form is ok. What can I do about this?

We’'ll have a look.

It look like you have already quite a bit of training load but because we only have your data from Jun 21st, the system doesn’t know you’ve been training and should have a higher value. You’ll need a premium account to manually adjust the seed value for your XPMC (see Adanced tab). I’ve changed it to 35 to show how it works. Alternatively, if you load more historical data, you’ll have a better representation of your current training status and form.

Thanks a lot! For the historical data it’s mandatory to have power meter data? On all my rides before 21st of June I only used a heart rate meter. I could adjust the seed value and match my form/progression to Strava, then go from there? Thanks!