Very Long Rides


I recently did an 1200 Event.
A) should i upload it or does throw off any caclulations die to having one massive xssr now on a ‘Single’ Day? We did some Hard raceing at the finish with 40 kph uphill (after 67 hours!!!) so it maybe even a near breakthrough.
B) Howto upload? The wahoo-App says done but it does Not appear :confused: No error message in sight.

Sry for crude grammer my phone corrects Very strange.

Hi Tobias,

Congrats on a big event! How long was the activity? Note that Xert has a hard 24hr time limit for activities - if it’s longer than that, might be best to use to split the activity up into separate sections. Contact support if you need assistance with that.

Re: training pacer… I’d definitely still upload it. You’ll probably need a week of lighter/easier riding anyways to recover, so the advice from XATA may not be practical anyways. After that first week, XATA should have you back into a normal routine. Cheers!

This hard limit can’t be right because this one is 28 hours long:

The other one was 67 hours during the week before (I had enough time recovering in the hotel room to finally ask both questions that where already in my mind for so long :))

if it’s longer than that, might be best to use
Ok thanks, will do that.

Ok it worked. But it’s quite tedious. The fitfiletools are really bad - the original file is 10mb but the split are much larger. So I had to cut in 8 parts at ~4mb to avoid the upload size limit.

And -as somewhat feared- my fitness signature went through the roof:

  • almost 5 stars now (well, thanks for calling me “pro” but I don’t feel like it :))
  • +30W TP
  • +25W LTP
    At least he got the “very tired” state

Training Surplus as of 11:59 pm : 1996 XSS