Vector 3's Data Not showing

Hi Armando. I’ve been using Xert for a while now but recently far more consistently and improving my fitness greatly. Thank you for a great product. I have a problem where the iPad doesn’t always save my rides on completion of workouts so I therefore backup my ride using my Garmin 810. My problem is this. I’ve been using a smart trainer, Elite Direto, via bluetooth to the iPad and the power numbers from it appear to be lower than My Vector 3’s. So on uploading my data from the 810 which is connected to the vectors via Ant+ i’m getting breakthroughs as the vectors seem to Read higher, but this then is forcing me to work harder, possibility above the intended intensities or a given workout. I have disconnected the trainer from the App and connected the Vectors via bluetooth. They appear instantly in the sensors tab, showing both Power and Cadence, and show connected in the iPad settings but no Data is actually appearing on screen during a workout. It would be best f or me to be able to use a single source of data. Any ideas on why the Vector data isn’t appearing on the app? Thanks. Lisette

Hi Lisette, What you’re really needing is something that supports powermatch which adjusts the trainer according to the power coming from your power meter. It is available on our Garmin Workout Player and Android but not yet on our iPhone player. :frowning: It is in the plans though. This next release will likely work better in your configuration since the Direto is now supported for trainer control. Check it out here (you’ll need Testflight installed first): Until powermatch is available, to compensate for higher power numbers from your Garmin, you can reduce the intensity of the workout. Simply tap the - sign to reduce the overall workout intensity.

Hi Armando. Thanks for the reply. I might only get frustrated with a beta app if it keeps crashing as i time crunched. For now if i can just get the App to display the vector power meter data and ignore the direto altogether it would be great.

We’ve addressed a crash that’s been occurring and will be in the next beta release. We haven’t had any others yet so feeling encouraged. Cheers.

Thanks. It just started working today without any change. Thanks