Uttery lost - how to get Xert to control my Neo

I don’t normally consider myself to be an utter idiot, but Xert makes me feel this way. I have a Macbook Air, a Tacx Neo (1), and a Samsung Galaxy S10. I’ve read the “instructions” on Xert online and have downloaded the Xert app for Android. I loaded a workout in Xert online and selected it in the app and clicked on start. I started peddling. I can see my wattage, but Xert is not controlling the Neo nor is it picking up my heart rate monitor.

Help! What am I doing wrong? How do I get a smart workout to control my Neo?


Try using ANT+. http://baronbiosys.com/faq-items/setting-up-your-smart-trainer-with-xert-mobile/

Works better across more devices.

Not sure how the MacBook fits in, other than to display Xert’s remote player (web) maybe? I do not have that phone, but I read / understand that it no longer has or supports Ant+. In that case, you’re probably not better off than the people having an iPhone and needing to buy a CABLE.

But, it might well be that you do have another option. I’ve seen a few posts here and in the Facebook group about this, so maybe searching will help

This has something to do with Neo not supporting BT FTMS if I recall. You’ll need a ANT+ connection to Neo for Xert smart workout to work. I don’t own an Android, so can’t help you here, but perhaps a quick google search on ANT+ Android will point you towards the right direction :smiley:

Good luck!