Usual Activity Time - change past activities?

If I change my “Usual Activity Time” from 8AM to 8PM, an activity last week changes from yellow to red. Is there a reason for this?

Changing the usual activity time will show you what your form was at your new ‘usual activity time’. Depending on what you did during the day. If you did your ride later than the usual activity time, you’ll likely be more fresh than if you set the usual activity time after the time of the ride. Also, changing the activity time doesn’t change any calculations, it just displays your freshness at a different time of the day. Hope that helps!

OK got it, thanks! This setting has me a bit stuck as I tend to do my weekday rides in the evening and my weekend rides in the morning. Should I just pick something in the middle?

I don’t have an usual time, as my work day off rotates and my time trials can be early morning, afternoon or evening. Is this important or can I just leave it set to an average?

You can change it as often as needed. It will only be meaningful to have an accurate usual activity time (UAT) when you’re using XATA to plan a workout in the future. For example, you can set UAT to the evenings for your weekday rides. Once those are planned, you can then switch UAT to morning for your weekend rides & plan those. HTH

Great suggestion Scott, I had never thought of that! Cheers