Using Xert with another training platforms

Hi guys, I am new to indoor training and I also thinking about using Xert as my training planner for the bike (I do triathlons) since I liked the approach of the product very much. Since looking at just numbers may be boring for 1h+ rides, and I was wondering if there is a cheaper alternative to Zwift so that I can just ride a route and disable it controlling the trainer (obviously I want Xert to do that). Is there any alternative?


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All you need is Xert. You can watch anything you want (TV, Youtube, route videos, etc.) while Xert controls your trainer (ERG mode) or you control trainer to match watt targets in Xert (resistance mode).
Before you decide whether 1h+ rides are boring in Xert, try the Xert Remote Player on your tablet/PC. There is usually enough going on to keep things interesting. If you get bored focus on form (pedal stroke, aero position, breathing, etc.).


I work in front of a screen all day and cycling is my escape, so if I can’t ride outdoors I’ll set up my rollers outside or I’ll have my indoor trainer facing out the garage door so that I can look outside. If I want some stimulation I’ll crank up the stereo or choose a more testing workout.

BigRingVR is cheaper than Zwift and you can add a family member for free. You can load Xert workouts into it and watch one of their real life videos of cycling events while you work out. You could also setup competitions, but that’s not frequently used, I believe…

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Also, if you want a mix of Zwift and real life videos, try Rouvy. More competitions, challenges and even prices to be won. Same prica as Zwift, but up to three users, five devices can use the same subscription.

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I envy you :slight_smile: . I am stuck in the garage at work but it’s better than nothing.

Thanks! I will give Rouvy another try, but so far I wasn’t able to disable controlling the trainer in it (I am not sure if it has this option).

I also found that Fulgaz has the ability to upload ZWO files, but I don’t think that the training will still be Smart.

Also trialing Rouvy and like the Augmented Reality with avatars and virtual group rides. Feels more real and smoother than other videos so far.

Re trainer control, haven’t tried but think you may need a separate powermeter, and to only connect with the powermeter in Rouvy. If it can’t see yr trainer it can’t control it, but it does need a source of power (or estimated power via speed). You can then leave your trainer to be controlled by Xert or yourself. Think that will also work with Xert power match to yr powermeter assuming you are running Xert with ANT+ (via BT only, you can only connect to one device, so couldn’t connect powermeter to both Xert and Rouvy)

That is correct - you need two power (meter) sources. Fortunately, I do, but I abandoned Rouvy since I detest the awkwardly moving cartoon characters and the video quality isn’t anywhere near BigRingVR’s.

Fulgaz is okay, but has a lot of on bike (group) rides, which I also do not like. Too much swaying…

Others to try are Bkool (lots of videos), Kinomap and RGT.

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My setup is simple, Xert with free user submitted real videos.

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You can try RGT, it is free:

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What app is on the right?

Ok, so I’ve done some testing (used a Mac since it’s the only laptop I have) and found the following.

My gear so far:

  • A bike without power meter
  • Flux S Smart trainer (supports BT and ANT+)
  • A MacBook pro (2017 version, with OSX Mojave)
  • An Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S10)
  • Ipad Mini 2 (2012 version)

Setups I’ve tested:

  1. Rouvy on (MacBook Pro)

    • Use XERT player on Android Phone as workout controller (ANT+, WIFI/4G connection)
    • Rouvy on Macbook pro can be configured so that the trainer is viewed only as a Power Source (don’t connect it as controllable as well) (Bluetooth, WIFI)
    • Use Xert remote viewer on the iPad mounted on the handlebars. (WIFI)

    This setup worked just fine. I didn’t feel any control from Rouvy app, and followed the workout from the Android device.

  2. Tacx Desktop (MacBook Pro)

    • Use XERT player on Android Phone as workout controller (ANT+, WIFI/4G Connection)
    • Tacx Desktop on MacBook Pro can be configured as well to see the trainer only as a power source (don’t connect it as controllable as well) (Bluetooth, WIFI)
    • Use Xert remote viewer on the iPad mounted on the handlebars. (Wifi)

    Managed to follow a workout from Android player. The downside is that the video playing from TACX wasn’t matching the speed. I could instead watch Youtube.

  3. Zwift (MacBook Pro)

    • same setup as above. Zwift can be also configured to see the trainer only as a power source.

    On zwift the speed was adjusting according to power/speed sent by TacX

  4. Zwift (iPad)

    • Use XERT player on Android Phone as workout controller
    • Zwift on iPad app can be configured to not control the trainer

    On zwift the speed was adjusting according to power/speed sent by TacX

So, this is what I tested so far. I will try to come up with other software if/when I can and update this post.


Elite smart trainer, myEtraining app on android or IOS. User submitted videos offer nice variation in scenery for rides. Only trainer power sent to Xert app. Cadence, heartrate and speed from bike sensors to Xert app.

Not sure if it actually only works with an Elite trainer (might well be the case) but My E-Training is available for Mac or Windows too…

I watch YouTube videos of crit races, or gravel races, or Grand Tour stages while riding for visual stimulation and earbuds with tunes for auditory stimulation…while the platform controls the trainer.

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RGT Cycling - Free and it works great with Xert workouts - see overlay below or you can upload the exported Xert workout as a .zwo file.


I really rate FulGaz. Many more rides are being added and there is a lot of variety. Certainly works with Xert. I run Xert on my iPad and FulGaz on my laptop