Using Xert to identify a target Power for a Hilly sportive

How do I use Xert to pace a 6+hour sportive with 2,500m climbing

I have many years data and have done route 5+ times - Typical average power 190W
My LTP is 274

I am experienced at such events and my previous efforts are a good representation of my ability (i.e I was trying)

I am planning to am for 200W average.

How can I use Xert to identify a good power to target

Any advise welcome- Event in 6 days


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You wrote your LTP = 274, and your avg power = 190ish. Is that correct or did you mean your TP=274? If your LTP is 274. You have lots of room to go harder.

Typically, I would target LTP as a base minimum, surge past TP for shorter climbs, sprints, etc…and maintain -20W to -40W below TP for longer climbs.

I use TTE and TTR, plus difficulty data fields to help me manage my effort. I also monitor fat carb consumption data field to keep me from depleting my carbs reserves to early.

The figures I gave are correct. My typical breakthrough rides are 2 to 5 minute efforts on short steep hills 11% 800m for example. Breakthrough predictions are spot on but lead to a TP and LTP I cannot live with. For example did a 30 min TT effort and got PB 283- Just over my LTP and we’ll below my TP

No way will I manage to do my LTP for 6 hours

Thanks for replying. I would like to get to the bottom of this as I get a lot from Xert and would like to get more

That can happen if your HIE is set too low.

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Okay, my best guess is your fitness signature must be off. The Xert support team will know best. Your 283 watts for 30 min TT is a good data point. I assume you can get a traditional power curve made up with best efforts for 2021 (more recent the better). I would plug those numbers into the Xert power curve calculator to get a revised signature. Trust your instincts, if the revised signature seems right I would use that.

My calculated signature lines up well with Xert signature so I feel good about it plus my LTP has been tested against 8 hour plus efforts so I know my base capabilities quite well.

Ps: I did go through and remove a few rides that had issues and recalculated my signature. First signature had my PP to high.

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Probably the first thing you should do is go out and do some sprints. If you string a few together it’s possible to get a breakthrough. That will get your PP right and will probably boost your HIE. To make up for that your signature will drop your TP and LTP to more realistic values.

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His event is 6 days out. Recovering in time from hard sprints might be a challenge. What do you think?

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I missed that bit. Three short sprints in a row shouldn’t knock him around too much, but it’s probably not worth the risk.

Given that his signature is suspect, I’d be reluctant to use XERT for pacing. I’d shoot for an intensity factor of 0.7 based on an FTP of 285 watts. Essentially that would involve minimising any efforts over 200 watts.

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Just to add, if you did trust your signature you could look at your power curve which should have a number for 5 hours or more.

Then it depends on the course profile - as you know from doing it before, if hilly (and especially if technical or very steep descents) averaging 200w will mean going quite a bit above that on the climbs due to low / zero power on the way down. Not sure Xert can help there actually

So, I would actually just look at how much higher your LTP (or 85% TP as a proxy) is vs last time you did it, and add that difference to the power you put out on the flats and each climb last time…? Probably even more for the climbs and a bit less on the flats in an absolute sense. So maybe doing it % based is better - if TP 10% higher, target 10% higher power throughout… Assumes you paced reasonably last time / didn’t bonk of course

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Given you are so close to your event, have done it before a number of times successfully and there appears to be some doubt about your signature, I’d just go on feel like you’ve done before. Afterwards then do some investigation into the accuracy of your signature.

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Yes, I agree. This weekend is not a big personal goal but it is the only/last Sportive of the year and it represents the only focus I have.

I am riding for many years (Slowly) and am experienced at riding by feel and using Data- HR/Power etc so I wont be distracted but I am impressed by Xert having used it for sometime and if it can help me identify a higher target Power level I would be keen to try it.

I reached out to the forum on this occasion as I would be willing to try on this event as it is not ‘Super’ important

Truth is on a Hilly 6 hour ride - If my effort is unsustainable I will know within 10 minutes I reckon :slight_smile: