Using Xert player outdoor

Hi Wesley:

Thanks for your reply, yes GPS is on and any other regular activity is recorded with speed and distance.

It’s only when I’m doing a Xert workout with Garmin that does not work.


Just to be clear, it’s also on inside the Xert garmin workout player, not just on your device in general? Once you start a workout you can access the SELECT menu by tapping the screen (or top right button maybe depending on device) and there you can see the gps setting

Do you use the ‘Xert Player’ on your Garmin device??

I’m talking about exclusively about using the Xert workout player on my Garmin 530, all this only outdoors as I don’t train indoors.

If I go for a regular ride without using the Xert player it records everything, if I do a Xert workout it does not record either distance or speed.


Here is an example of two activities exactly one after the other, first Xert work out, no speed or distance.

Second regular activity with distance and speed, I did it just to make sure everything was working fine with my garmin unit.

Yes, I do and only workout outdoors

GPS needs to be on in two places

  1. your device in general (which you’ve shown it is)
  2. inside the Xert player, after you start a workout (fairly sure the default is OFF as more use it indoors, so would check that)

(You can check that inside or outside)


Thanks so much for your help, I just checked what you told me and gps was off on xert player, I will go out and try it and report back.



Worked perfectly! Thanks so much for all your help.


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