Using Xert Player for Garmin - Remote Player

I have a Garmin Edge 1030 and smart trainer Tacx Flux 2 and Assioma pedals power.
I have tested a workout indoor with plying also on Zwift (only connected with power Assioma).
1 - Xert Player doesn’t work with pairing on 1030 pair sensor.
2- Paired trainer inside Xert Player (old fashion way) and Assioma. Powermatch works properly.
3 - 1030 connected to Connect mobile.
4 - Timer stopped every 2-3 minutes. Need to RECONNECT. It is bad cause needs to see all the time the display to see when timer stops.
5 - Remote player (WEB), works only for one minute max then stops…

One more complaint: For indoor workout, your workouts are very long (120 mn to 180 mn).

No response from support???

You know there are also shorter workouts then 120mins?