Using Xert App Android independently from my Garmin 520 during outdoor workout - power sensor settings

Hi, I am relatively new on Xert and I have not yet figured out how to set the Xert App for Android with my power meter (I am using the Assioma Power meter on the pedals).
In other words I don’t want to use the Xert connect IQ built in on my Garmin 520, as I want to keep the Garmin 520 recording my workouts independently from Xert App.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Andrea,

What are you having difficulties with? We do have an article here about setting up Xert Mobile with a Smart Trainer:


Is that the Uno or the Duo? Some apps are not able to capture power from both pedals separately and only capture left. If that’s the case, you need to set the pedals to compatibility mode, i.e. combine both into one channel. This can be done in the Favero app.

Andrea, I was in the same situation. The sensor configuration in the XERT app really depends on what protocols the Android phone supports.

  • If you can use ANT+ - In my case I was using a Galaxy Note 3 that supports ANT+ natively so I would select my Assioma DUO pedals under Settings/Sensors using the ANT+ connection. I did the same in my Garmin device, you will need to add the Assioma pedals to the Garmin also. I also was able to use a USB C dongle with an ANT+ receiver when I changed to a new Android phone (OnePlus 7+).

  • If you don’t have ANT+ support you will need to use Bluetooth. In that case the config will depend on your Assioma pedals, if you have UNO then you should only need to connect them to the Android XERT app. If you have DUO then you need to set the pedals to broadcast from a single pedal in the Assioma Android configuration app. Once that’s done you can then configure the pedals in the Android XERT app. Once that’s done the pedals can be added to the Garmin (the order in which you add the pedals to which device - Garmin and Android - doesn’t actually matter).


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thanks but my issue is that I am not using a smart trainer

Hi Richard, I am running the Xert App on a Samsung Galaxy S7. When I check the settings I can see only this in terms of sensors:

I got that, as you’re using Assioma pedals. I have those too, the Duo’s. Some apps will not be able to record from both pedals and will only record left power. A Garmin Edge for instance, records both separately and give L/R balance and advanced metrics.

You sure ANT+ is enabled on the phone?
Maybe you need add the ANT+ service apps from Google Play first.
That is what I added to my Pixel 2 but I am using an ANT+ stick with USB C dongle.

Hi Robert, so what you’re saying is that I first need to set the pedal to broadcast one channel in order for the Xert app to be able to detect the power sensor?


hi @ridgerider2 I have those services on my phone but I still cant see the power sensor on the Xert app…

I haven’t tried it with the Xert app, as I only use that with my Tacx Neo. If you use any app with your pedals and you see low / half your normal values, then yes, you need to combine both channels into broadcasting as one, via the Favero app.

For instance, I used the Tacx iPhone app and the desktop app and those see both pedals, but you can select only one and get only that value, i.e. basically half your normal power.

Hi All, I have upgrade my Assioma sensors to the latest firmware and it looks better now… :wink:

thanks all for the support!
and happy cycling!!

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