Using Smart Workouts outdoor

Good morning Armando,
It’s my second time using Smart WO outdoor, but my Edge 1030 doesn’t map my ride nor it records the speed. I have checked the box “GPS Enabled” but still nothing. Can you help me?
PS. Should this forum have a searching engine to help us looking for older discussion and save you some time answer? just an idea -:slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

Hi Christian. Unfortunately, search isn’t possible at this time. We’re posting answers to FAQs so check there.

Missing GPS data is a known issue with the Garmin 1030. We’re waiting on a firmware update from Garmin to resolve this. Sorry for the trouble.

Ok. Looking forward to seeing this update then from Garmin. Thanks Armado. Have a good one!

I had this issue today on my Edge 1000. Started a workout, rode the workout but when I uploaded the ride no GPS data. I have the power data, but it would’ve been nice to put that against speed etc. I’ve looked for a video to make sure I’ve set it up correctly for outdoor use, but can’t find anything. Is there something I should be doing to enable myself to perform a workout outdoors, but have a record of speed, mileage etc?

See comment below on how to setup the player to record GPS data. Rather than click SELECT, tap the screen.

I managed to get it working. Do the Smart workouts act ‘smart’ outdoors, whilst sat at lights tonight the workout timer just kept counting down. Nice app though.

Smart high-intensity intervals that have a Target MPA will slow down (but not stop) when you’re at a stop light. Similar low-intensity intervals will speed up at the same stop light. :slight_smile:

Good morning Armando, Does the newly-installed firmware version 5.00 on my 1030 correct the missing GPS data for the Workout Player? Thanks.

We haven’t received any info from Garmin on whether this has been addressed or not. I suspect it hasn’t.

ok thanks Armando.

I have the 5.00 firmware on my 1030 and still no GPS data.

Too bad. Next update hopefully! Thanks for the update Kiki.