Using slope mode on Wattbike ATOM

Like many I have been excited to try the video link and new workouts but cannot seem to get my Wattbike ATOM to work outside ERG mode. I’ve considered ZWIFT, but there is too much distraction so use the workout player pop outs to hide all the fluff and simply use the IOS to do the prescribed - think Zwift terrorist confusing people why I’m doing erratic things for no apparent reason on a ride.

I’ve been prescribed the Paris Ancaster ride a couple of times but the ERG does not react well to the short sharp repeated sets (welcome to the machine). Guessing there must be a way as this is how Wattbike write their climbs in the hub.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated as be greatly to get the Paris Ancaster with video overlay and ride with the necessary resistance through either IOS or ANT+