Using Planner

I’ve entered my goal date in my profile. When I use Fitness Planner and ask it to generate workouts up to my goal date it doesn’t seem to account for that as a key date and just repeats standard workout suggestions leaving me “tired” the day before and just “fresh” vs a hoped for “very fresh” on the date of the event. Is Planner not a tool for arriving at a key event in top form? If not, what is its purpose?

Hi Ken,

How long out are you planning? The planner is meant to only be used out 1-2 weeks in advance.

The event I want to peak for is July 28th, so 2.5 weeks. How and when do I use the automatically generated workouts to be in peak form for that day? Thanks,

The planner doesn’t look to the future, yet. So it does require a little more insight at the very end of a program to arrive at your event ready to perform.

What I would suggest is to plan for this week (maybe week and a half). After that period of time, you’ll want to change your improvement rate to taper and then plan the last week or so of rides so that you arrive fresh on race day. Hope this helps!