Using Kickr? TrainerRoad?

I drive my KICKR with TrainerRoad. Are there any ways to run a xert workout on a KICKR so I can keep using ERG mode?

…I guess I should say on Android or MacOS.

Hi Ted. We have an FAQ that describes the steps to setup your KICKR with our Xert Mobile for Android.

ah, perfect. the Android app page didn’t say anything about it. Everything is paired via bluetooth and working, so I’ll test a few workouts.

next problem- why isn’t xert using the kickr as my power meter? 2018-02-13 16

I enabled all the toggles and then took powermatch off. I’m using bluetooth- is that xert’s hangup?

Check your device settings. You many need to restart the app the first time to pick up the change properly.

yep, stopping wasn’t enough, “force stop” worked. neat. 2018-02-15 18