Using Different Power Meters

Hi. I was wondering if using different power meters on different bike’ would affect my fitness signature in anyway, seeing as most meter’ all read a little different. 200w may be 194w on another which may be 210w on another, and at higher powers, this can be out even more sometimes. Is this a problem in anyway?

It can be…We recommend leaving your ‘default’ power source as the one you race with, or train the most with. If you happen to get a breakthrough with a power meter that reads a bit higher, you can flag the activity to prevent your workouts from becoming too difficult with other power meters. We’ve also got a cool new feature coming to our iOS app, stay tuned for an announcement on that!

Okay, I’m intrigued. Only problem is i’m on Android, so it may be no use to me. I guess I’ll have to find a power meter for my mountain bike that closely matches my vector 2s’. Thanks for the swift reply, and i’m really excited about using this platform. I love the, no set plan model, breakthroughs, constant assessment of power numbers, current estimate of ftp, and most importantly, NO FTP TEST! Which causes me so much anguish, stress and sadness. Okay, maybe a little dramatic but I hate them with a passion and rarely perform. You’re doing a lot of things right here. Brilliant.

Thanks Mark! We’re excited about no more FTP test too :slight_smile: It’s the way of the future!

Curious to see the iOS app and what you’ve got, but would more love to see something on the website that would perhaps simply let us adjust a ride up or down a certain (small) percentage to make up for the difference from power meters.

@Ian, stay tuned! We have a feature you may really want coming soon to iOS :slight_smile:

Scott, have you thought about doing a podcast?

We have! We’re looking to get one started in the near future. We have a few episode topics in mind already, but do you have any requests on additional topics that you’d like to see covered?

I’m liking what you’re teasing for iOS, just really hoping it transfers to the website as well once its proven. Not an Apple user, and as much as I like Xert, it wouldn’t get me to swap.

Understandable. However, I just picked up an old iPhone 5 for cheap just to use with Xert. So that’s a possibility

Funnily enough, I went out and bought an old Galaxy S5 purely to use with Trainneroad, so it looks like I may end up with an old iPhone as well now. When is this new feature likely to be announced, and how will everyone hear about it? In regards to the podcast, I personally would just want to hear about what’s on the horizon, and listen to users questions, and maybe comments on the replies to the questions, being answered from the forum, with as much detail as possible. The podcast could just be as and when, not necessarily a weekly thing.